Atrocious (LP)

Iconoclast - 11 €

Another great shot in the name of the Metal of Death!
HAEMOPHAGUS formed in Palermo, Italy in 2004. Throughout a few line`up changes, Haemophagus have always tried to deliver grinding and thrashing Death metal, releasing several splits, a full`length album (Slaves to the Necromancer), touring Italy and Europe, playing grindcore’s Woodstock – OEF in 2011 and so on...
Atrocious is the title of Haemophagus’ second album. It will display 13 brand new tracks of old school Death, Thrash, Grind, Horror and Doom metal, mixed together in totally perverted ways, following the path traced by Autopsy and Repulsion, but poorly concealing a deep love for Black Sabbath...
Guest appearances on vocals by Dopi (MACHETAZO), Uchino (COFFINS), Dave (P.L.F.) and Sandro (ex-UNDEAD CREEP)!