Agua Caliente (LP)

Absurd Creature - 10 €

The first full length album (apart from some demos) by Tuscan stoner-sludge-doom rockers.
The band originates from beautiful Florence and by nature it makes perfect soundtrack for a spaghetti western by Sergio Leone starring Lee Van Cleef and Clint Eastwood, flavored with metal riffs and punk intensity!
Sound waves with might equal to sandstorm power devour the hard-boiled listener making him feel as a lonely tumbleweed with parched throat and lips covered with sun scorched sores. Sledgehammer pieces of the Agua Caliente LP as midday heat are replaced with night chill of muted guitar passages, where one can hear wind howl and echoing bullets whistles... BANG-BANG-BANG...
“Well it’s not your lucky day, amigo!” GUM managed to embody skillfully their own unique approach to music though not violating the chosen genre specific features.
With no lack of originality GUM without one’s bare word can be easily compared with “inglorious” heroes like early CAVITY, EYEHATEGOD, BONGZILLA and KYUSS.
Yet with all these flattering comparisons music by the Florentine gang is highly all-sufficient and ingenious.