Hating Life (LP)

Floga - 13 €

4th full length by this mighty Swedish death metallers. The songs on this album are solid, probably some of the best Grave have written during their career, especially "Worth The Wait" being one of the best. There is nothing really different on this album that's different from typical Grave stuff, but the songs on here do the Sweedish Death Metal scene justice. As for the instruments, everything is pretty much in order as it should be, the guitars are on top form along with the bass, churning out quality death metal riffs ranging from the thrash side of death to the groove side of it with nice leads over the top at some parts too. The drums don't particularly stand out but they get the job done well and good. Now the vocals, I knew Ola had to stand up to vocal duties now that Sandstrom left but I thought anyone could do a decent attempt at death metal vocals in the studio. One of my favorite aspects of Grave were the vocals, and this album does live up to them. The vocals are great in any way and they're just greatly refined in my opinion.