Mutilated In Minutes (LP)

Hammerheart - 13 €

How seriously are people expected to take gore metal? Is it a taste thing or is it just a matter of how good your sense of humour is? The first time I clapped eyes on these London based gore-merchants was in a charmingly grotty metal club in Poland. Their photos hung on the wall alongside Polish favourites Vader. Quite an accolade for a band I had never heard of. Two months later I was back in England's capital and had the fortune to see the mighty Cannibal Corpse in action. It was on this occasion that I ran into a young man with a box of CD's under his arm who was keen to keep an eye on where the security were. He relieved me of 8 of my Earth pounds and delivered up a spankingly gorgeous disc of pure blood, guts and general nastiness in the form of Gorerotted, Mutilated in Minutes. From the opening sample of starter Hacksore, you know that these guys are just loving it. The drumming and vocals cut through the mess made by the grinding three-axe assault to give clarity and melody. Moving swiftly through such inviting tracks as Stab Me 'til I Cum and the awesome yet mirthful Put Your Bits in a Concrete Mix, heady heights of disgustingness are reached. Simple yet effective time changes in the drum work keep interest up and the pulse racing. The two-fold vocal offensive set down by protagonists Mssrs. Gore and Babysliced serves to ensure you feel that flow of music through your body that you know and love. Death grunts and manic screams. You can feel the raised veins on the neck of this band. The album as a whole is a cracker if you like your metal with a large side serving of guts and is not one for the faint hearted. From the stunning yet warped artwork of the cover [courtesy of Filth comic's Rob Filth] to the closing devastation that is Severed, Sawn and Sold as Porn, this disc delivers. Now go back to the top and read those opening questions over again. Just how serious these lads are about their "corpse fucking art"is questionable, but this is an album that goes well beyond school-boy sniggering at a vocalist that spits Gagged, shagged, Bodybagged. As always, listen LOUD!