Decadenza (LP)

Agipunk - 8 €

Second full lenght for the young veterans out in time for their US tour a whole month in July.
The sound got heavier comparing with the first effort.
The band succeeds in creating their own particular sound exploring the realms of the heaviest yet darkest crust mixing it with the typical italian old school hardcore desperation and urgency also reflected in the gloomy lyrics.
Live they are like a heavy punch in the face!
CD version features an unreleased long outro that will appeal to any Joy Division fan.
In Maximum Rock'n'Roll #302 you'll read an interview with the guys!
250 copies limited edition on coloured vinyl.
"The excellent debut LP from this italian band made up from the crew of Agipunk Records was a great distinctive take on the low-end TRAGEDY melodic hardcore, though blasted at faster pace with harsh, scattered Italian screamed over the top.
This second, superbly packaged LP pulls in at a way slower and monstrously heavier, metallic pace.
There's still fast thrashing with blazing guitar leads at points, but the somber mood and dark edge left by these eight tracks is akin to primal moments of Brazilian crossover hardcore with guttural, throaty vocals and just an absolutely crushing, devastating slowness wrapped in grimy distortion.
The lyrics are similar to a lot of classic Italian hardcore - near poetry, with storytelling used to express a bleak worldview.
Strongest reccomendation for fans of metal-punk hybrids for its lumbering devastation and churning attack. (KS)" Maximum Rock'n'Roll #306