Mayhemic destruction (10")

FOAD - 8 €

An absolute rarity brought back to light!
Before the legendary NECRODEATH came GHOSTRIDER and THIS DEMO, now exhumed on this limited and ultra-kvlt splatter vinyl!
Infernal thrash till total death from 1984, for fans of VENOM, HELLHAMMER, SABBAT (Jpn), early DESTRUCTION and raw, cavernous horror!
Remastered from the original 1st generation tape, including insert with photos and the few reviews that came out back then.
Line-up feat. 3 members of the classic "Shining Pentagram" and "Into The Macabre" days.
Don't miss this pearl of ultra-early raw Italian Black/Trash, along with BULLDOZER one of the first steps in Italy's Thrash scene!