Split (LP)

Living Dead Society - 10 €

The story goes back all the way to 2003 when we got asked by then Escorbuto Recordings president Johan Wallin if we would be interested in doing a split with Japanese gore maniacs BUTCHER ABC. Naturally, we were, and we planned to do it pretty much right after the split 7"s we did with MACHETAZO and FILTH.
After that, things got changed up and we found ourselves working on our first album instead, and it wasn't until May 2007 [that] we got around to finally record the songs for this split.
By this time it was decided that the release would be handled by Obliteration Records and Living Dead Society/Coperaction Records. BUTCHER ABC followed suit and recorded their material later in 2007, and finally here's the result, the most anticipated split release ever.