S/T (LP)

Aborted Society - 11€

This is a crushing debut full`length by FUTURE RUINS, a five`piece metallic crust outfit hailing from various parts of Sweden (Skåne/Goteborg/Stockholm).
There are similarities from their previous incarnation of MASSMORD, however along with the name change came a more complex shift in songwriting.
The result is an invariably tight hardcore punk/metal hybrid painted across a lyrically dystopian backdrop.
This a wall of crash laden d-beat crust and some remarkably dark and melodic breakdowns all moving at a breakneck pace.
Recorded and Mastered by Ulf Blomberg at Hobo Studios, this has a very classic Swedish death metal production sound while retaining some essential rawness.
A co-operative release with Halvfabrikat (SWE), Social Bomb (DE), and Aborted Society (US).