Split (LP)

Ignorant Worm - 6 €

The SOVIET NUNS and F.U.G, both from Palermo, team up to release this piece of 180 gr. heavy vinyl.
Both bands did an awesome job, recording some fine, fine 80-hardcore-punk-tunes.
The F.U.G. come up with 8 catchy singalong songs in their well-known manner, simple punk-tunes, simple verse-chorus-verse-styled punkrawk without frills and experiments and it's no big surprise that we find an Adolescents cover 'Word Attack' on this side of the record!!!
The SOVIET NUNS are way harder and way more aggressive than the colleagues of the F.U.G.
The nuns really remind me of bands like Black SS or Tear It Up, raw and dirty, a really pissed off and angry voice.