Once Upon A Time There Was Fuck Geez (LP)

Social Napalm - 11 €

The Fuck Geez first formed in Osaka, Japan in 1982, taking inspiration from '77 UK punk bands as well as Japanese hardcore bands of the era
The band then relocated to Maizuru city, Kyoto, Japan in 1984.
They first debuted with the "Cut It Off" flexi in 1983 followed by the "Zzz........" flexi in 1985, "Punk Rock de...." 7" and "Not For Sale" flexi in 1986 all on the MCR Co. label.
"Here's The Fuck Geez" 7" was released in 1987 on Jungle Hop International (France).
The Fuck Geez also released a studio and live album in 1989 entitled "No Way To Escape" and appeared on many compilations of flexi, 7", LP, CD and video in 1980s on labels from the US, France, Finland, and more.
While their sound progressed somewhat over time, the music retained a distinctly Japanese sound and style that the country was well known for.
This release contains 14 songs by the Fuck Geez and also comes with a digital download code for a Fuck Geez live show.
The LP jacket and insert come in full color and remind me of the Sex Pistols in their style.
Fuck Geez vocalist Yumikes remains very active in the punk scene today running the great MCR Company label.