Spreading The (S)Hits (LP)

Drop Out - 12 €

One-sided 12" version of the latest album by Japanese noisecore legends, released for their 2015 European tour.
In my opinion, Final Exit is one of the best bands ever. Period. Any time, any genre. Their unique style of noisecore, fusing total noise-not-music shit gibberish and pop/rock sensibilities/beauties/flourishes with comically tight whirlwind arrangements, just coalesces a lot of different emotions and a lot of different energies into one expression that's never been matched or duplicated. They're just unlike anybody else out there....they give me the same feelings that Sun Children Sun and Boom Boom Kid and Paintbox give me (and Exit Hippies, to a degree) and wonder, I guess? an acknowledgment of the negative things in life with a celebration of the positive? Like, it's fun without being funny, it's stupid without being dumb, it's light-hearted without being a joke or a novelty and while remaining perfectly serious.....I dunno, it's just perfect.
This new album is half new tracks (including some live staples like "Smiling All Right! But..." and some of their best tracks yet like the amazing "Ska or Core") and half live recordings.