Seething (LP)

Regurgitated Semen Records - 15 €

Extortion blew much of the Australian underground out of the water in the mid-late 00’s with a slew of ferocious cuts Extortion concreted themselves as a torchbearer for antisocial music. Waiting for this new record to drop was nothing out of the ordinary, even without pandemic lockdowns they are a band who more often than not appear to be on some sort of hiatus – emerging suddenly to bewilder with speed and bile which is exactly what they’ve done again with ‘Seething’. With an added grinding rash to these blistering pusheads (I’m convinced you can hear shards flying from the drum kit) there’s the sardonic outsider wretchedness, trademark slithering tremolo punk & bassment groove, bludgeoning sludge and cult Australian film samples that fans have come to yearn for. Clocking the speedo with fifteen tracking in under ten minutes; this is a lean cut of leg that exposes the band at their most belligerent