Split (Mini-CD)

MCR - 10 €

BACK IN STOCK!!! Since with MEINHOF from UK, Nagoya city's blasting crust-grinding-mega slaughter tank DISGUST strikes back again carrying out the Japan tour with EXTINCTION OF MANKIND from UK in September 2010!
And this is the split tour MCD by both bands!
Finally coming to Japan, E.O.M is one of the fewest bands around today taking over the gene of ANTISECT/AMEBIX, and of course in this MCD playing totally ANTISECT style heavy UK DARKNESS HC PUNK in the way it should be!
DISGUST, with much stronger hardcore influences, attacks with burning, destructive "in crust we grind!"-approached blasts also with the brutal, slow & painful sludge core-ish track whose evolution never stops!
In Darkness, there is network of friends!
Total 6 tracks!!!