The Black Parade (LP)

Rancid Cat Records - 20 €

The first documented D-Beat band from the USA was Diatribe from San Diego. Firmly entrenched in the US hardcore scene the band formed in 1984 and recorded the "Aftermath" EP in January 1985. The EP was characterized by a raw early-Discharge musical style with lyrics focusing on the horrors of nuclear holocaust and war. Diatribe did a nationwide self-organized US tour in the summer of 1985 which included a show at CBGB's. Diatribe's music has been covered by contemporary D-Beat bands and the Aftermath EP has been the subject of vinyl and CD bootlegs. The band also appeared on numerous cassette compilations and the "We Won't Be Your Fucking Poor" compilation LP on Mortarhate, UK. The record comes in an ultra limited edition (200 copies pressed) hand numbered scrren printed cover and on red/black splatter vinyl!!!