Nielegalny Zabójca Czasu LTD ED (LP)

Pasażer Records - 15 €

Fashion and currents on the punk scene are changing faster than ever, but there are bands that keep up for thirty years now. Band like DEZERTER - who knows, maybe the most important band for polish punk rock.
Band doesn't write so many songs as in the 80's, they might not release albums so regularly as in the 90's, but with every new one, they come up with well played record, stuffed with "food-for-thought" lyrics - often defiant, accurate and with critical look on reality. Those are constant assets of Dezerter. If you looking for intellect on the punk scene, you need to start with Dezerter.
"Nielegalny Zabójca Czasu" is their 11th album, next to last at the moment, originally released in 2004. LIMITED EDITION ON RED VINYL.