Jeszcze Żywy Człowiek (Double LP)

Pasażer Records - 25 €

Recording of the legendary Dezerter performance at Jarocin festival 1984. One of the most important documents of Polish punkrock's golden era for the first time available on double vinyl!
The whole material was profoundly reconstructed from two separate sources - mixing table's recording and a bootleg tape. It contains 26 tracks played by the band that evening, a dispute with the festival's promoters and exciting yet ambiguous atmosphere of the whole event.
All in all, over 70 minutes of recording.
"Jeszcze ¿ywy cz³owiek" (Still a Living Man) was originally released on tape by the underground label Tank Records established by the band in 1984. Dezerter members produced few hundred copies which in turn had been copied onward by the fans. In a way it's the first full
length Dezerter ever recorded and it fully shows band's energy and unapologetic wit of Polish punk rock. In spite of censorship, Dezerter managed to find a way of criticizing abnormality of the system. Although the songs are rooted deeply in contemporary reality of the communist state, their universal message can't be argued. This record would be a fascinating document for some and a nice tip how to treat the system for the others.