Ile Procent Duszy? (LP)

Pasażer Records - 13 €

Existing for 33 years already, Dezerter is beyond doubt the most creative force of Polish musical underground and the punk rock scene. In the 80s, the band had been troubled with all the problems caused by a communist regime - their first name: SS20 was banned by the authorities, part of the first pressing of their 1984 debut EP was destroyed, their first full-lenght was released only in US thanks to the help of D.O.A.’s Joey Shithead and only a limited amount of the copies of their first official Polish LP was released (and that also after an interferance of a state censorship).
The communism in the Easter Europe fell in 1989, but Dezerter didn’t want to remain a legendary „system opposing band” and soon found a new ways of expressions for their non-conformist, peaceful and ecological ideas. Despite becoming fairly popular act, they never lost their touch with the reality and a punk scene. Dezerter had released twelve full lengths, toured the whole Europe and Japan. Few generations of punk rock bands appeared in the meantime, yet Dezerter still can claim to be the leading unit among them.
It’s the second vinyl edition of Dezerter seventh album, originally released in 1994. „Ile procent duszy” is probably the best, and surely the most popular record the band made in the 90s. As usually, very inspirational and packed with punk message.