S/T (7")

Profane Existence - 4 €

Holy shit! Yeah, that saying about judging a book buy it’s cover? Out the window. This is the second instaIlment of the Profane Existence Limited Edition Singles Series. I had certain expectations when I first set eyes on this beauty and they all came true. When the needle dropped on the Desolate side, the slow paced gloomy intro sets the scene heavy with dread and depression. It’s like being held down by a morphine drenched pile of sleeping bags. You can’t get up and realize that there’s just no good reason to try. The bleek lyrics and Hannah’s ghostly howls make it that much harsher once the band kicks into a fury of blackened crust riffing. Occasionally they slow down to open the mood up even further. On side Inebriated, the subject matter is exactly what you think: self medicating to get through this shit-circus of a human existence. This track is every bit as emotionally heavy and soul crushing as Desolate. Being experienced seasoned veterans of older Minneapolis bands, you know that the chances of this being a piece of crust magic is almost a sure thing and it is. I hope that we get many years and releases from DESPISE as they are nothing short of amazing!