Split (7")

Grind Block - 3 €

A missing piece of vinyl in the history of the worldwide grind discography, and specially in the noisecore world: FINAL EXIT / DECHE CHARGE split 7"!
Your ears have been warned!!!
FINAL EXIT: These two Japanese crazies are indeed veterans of musical terrorism, colleting lots of releases during the years, a cult in the noisecore grindcore scene.
One exclusive particularity of F.E. is their technical ability on their instruments, sometimes you can hear real jazz or metal or rock'n'roll improvisation really well done, and then a break of blurring noise with their characteristic wall-of-noise sound...
In this particular record they bring us surfing inspired tracks, '50s feeling and bleeaurgghh!! Stop!
DECHE-CHARGE: The undisputed masters of noisecore with over a 100 records done, as Anal Cunt/Napalm Death invented the 1 second song they created a religion on it!
Total blurrrrcore the way they are loved for!
Ltd. edition on blue vinyl is 5 €.