Rakieta Bomba (LP)

Phobia - 12 €

CRUST-HARDCORE. DEATH CRUSADE have been around for almost 3 years now but their debut record saw daylight just moments ago. Hailing from Poland, singining in Polish but not playing the Polish style crust punk you might be familiar with, played some 20 years ago. This can successfully land on your shelf next to the likes of DOOM, E.N.T. or DISRUPT and you wouldn’t tell this band comes from an Eastern European country with serious hang-ups. Because, in fact, it is complexes-free band, that assumes boundries ceased to exist ages ago. Having learned their crust job in bands like FILTH OF MANKIND or MONEY DRUG, you know they will deliver the extremely well balanced crust. Give your old crust records a proper rest they deserve. Thank you!