Possible Mood Disorder (LP)

Pure Love Pure Hate - 12 €
Do you know what hardcore punk is? Ok, then you are ready to digest, by dint of punches in the stomach, the first album of the Croutons, young and mysterious (little is known about them) punk band from Como in its first production for the label Pure Love Pure Hate. The sonic assaults of this Italian band are composed of a violent and edgy cut-up of raw and genuine hardcore punk, with oldschool horror punk influences, which make this debut a work of a tension at the limits of viscerality.
The Croutons mix with mastery and passion historical bands, from T.S.O.L., Germs and U.X.A., passing through Adolescents, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, early Christian Death and 45 Grave, up to the New Bomb Turks.