Demo (LP)

Toxic State - 17 €

BACK IN STOCK!!! Much-needed repress of this demo from one of contemporary NYC punk's trailblazing bands, Crazy Spirit. This is where it all started… US pressing of the CRAZY SPIRIT DEMO 12" which was first pressed on Quality Control out of the UK. A screenprinted mailer and hand stamped inner sleeve conceal the secrets within. .Spawned from the concrete, steel, garbage fluid and tar of New York City natives, Crazy Spirit presents not a demonstration of a series of concise ruminations on life, that seemingly impose order with beginnings and ends, but a constantly mutating chimera, the monotonous screaming of millions of parasitical beings crawling through the many layers of this urban nest they have built to enslave themselves in. These are variations on a theme by urban strigils scraping away the extraneous chatter to identify repetitive patterns and weave them together. Hear yea the booming Crisis marching of a cool death or the sarcastic melody of snakes all compered by a Paul Mahernesque hyena.