The Worst Of Times (LP)

Fuck Yoga Records - 15 €

COME TO GRIEF represents the epitome of sludge in all it's subterennean splendor. Hand-of-doom sculpted filth that oozes with terminal disgust of life- depression and madness being the only companions delivering you to the Master. The line-up is Terry Savastano (GRIEF, DISRUPT)- guitar and backing vocals, Chuck Conlon (GRIEF)- drums, Justin Christian (MORGION)- bass, and Jonathan Hebert- vocals and guitar. Recorded and mixed in late 2016 by Glenn Smith at AMPS VS OHMS in Cambridge, MA. Mastered at NEW ALLIANCE EAST by Nick Zampiello. Even if this is not technically a return of Grief, this new incarnation is the perfect follow-up to the career of one of the best and most important sludge bands ever.