Ugly Truths / Beautiful Lies (LP)

Tankcrimes - 13 €

Aggressive, furious, and on the flip side, incredibly validating thrashy politically charged Hardcore Punk. I've been waiting for this album for a while and it blew my expectations out of the water. One of the best Punk releases of 2019, no question. Favorite track: Trans is Beautiful. Doing time in more bands than need be mentioned, CLITERATI is made up of four friends who’ve been churning out punk, power violence, grind, and death metal for much of their lives. Influenced by everything from Bolt Thrower and L7 to Doom and Necrot, together these lifelong extreme music fans spew forth a distinctly riotous brand of unforgiving/unforgettable d-beat/thrash crust.
Over a year in the making, Ugly Truths / Beautiful Lies is a ripping fifteen-track/thirty-two-minute socio-political exposé on the USA’s divisive administration with humor and quick wit. Having performed over a hundred shows in that time, test driving many of the tracks live, CLITERATI is sharper and more ravenous than ever before. Ugly Truths / Beautiful Lies was recorded by longtime comrade Greg Wilkinson (Necrot, High On Fire) and mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust, Power Trip) with cover art by legendary Japanese artist Sugi (Doom, Death Side, Hellshock) whose illustration reflects a personal interpretation of Ugly Truths / Beautiful Lies’ title track.

“…a fire-breathing, directly-in-your-face assault that declares they see the transgressions, and they’re not afraid to call them out at the top of their lungs.” — Meat Mead Metal

“…a call to arms, a scathing commentary on the world around us. Whether you’re a self-styled politico, knee-deep in the issues of today, a political outsider with no strong opinions, a fan of hardcore punk, or any combination of the above: CLITERATI are for you.” — Distorted Sound

“…this album has a lot to offer however you approach it. If you want a blast of punk energy to throw yourself about to then it definitely ticks that box. However, if you take your time with it and let it settle in your brain, you are left with a genuinely important piece of music that will resonate for a long time after it has stopped playing.” — Astralnoize UK