A Machine That Never Falters (CD)

Usina de Sangue - 3 €

Here's some raging hardcore/punk from Holland that's chock full of dissonance that adds a really dark and ominous edge to their songwriting.
Similarities could be cited to a few other bands (I'd definitely mention Catharsis), but for the most part I actually think these guys are pretty creative and have a little of their own sound going on. There are a good variety of tempos going on and you can pick up on everything from somewhat traditional hardcore or D-beat leanings to noisier and more caustic picking patterns, some stuttered rhythms and chunkier metallic influences, etc. The vocals are also really solid shouts with a burly texture that sounds a little bit different from the norm as well, so overall this is an energetic and forceful set of songs that hits pretty hard.
Very nice!