Total Megalomania (CD)

Radiation Records - 10 €

Legend has it that The Blood were ‘discovered’ by Cockney Rejects vocalist Jeff ‘Stinky Turner’ Geggus on the top deck of a bus in Charlton. What they were all doing on the South East London bus has never been fully explained! Still, it was Jeff who introduced Coming Blood (as they were then known) to ‘Sounds’ journalist Garry Bushell and, suitably impressed, he offered them a spot on the fourth volume of the Oi! compilation series, “Oi! Oi! That’s Yer Lot”. It wasn’t just the Punk scene that took to the band, the more open minded in the Metal fraternity also embraced them, making them one of the first Punk-Metal crossover bands, equally at home with followers of the Anti Nowhere League or Motorhead.