Split (7")

Discos Enfermos - 5 €

4  OI!/punk track (2 from each) by BLESSURE from Bilbao and GOLPE DE GRACIA from Madrid. Blessure with 2 debut tracks from Bilbao playing a total melodic, old-school French Oi! sound of the 1980s. Think of Camera Silens, Komintern Sect, Warrior Kids delivered with graceful female vocals similar to a newer French band like Litige singing in French. Golpe de Gracia hit back again after their great 7" with 2 new songs in the same line of agressive punk sound with an Oi! taste and more near to the uk82 sound singing in spanish and basque. Comes in a close b/w jacket with insert, artwork by Kurtila and Riki and limited to 310 copy.