Black Jesus Saves (LP)

Hells Headbangers - 11 €

Only 300 copies pressed, 150 Red Vinyl, 150 Black Vinyl. Comes with a lyrics sheet printed on textured red cardstock.
Originally recorded in gritty analog in 2010 and released earlier this year on CD by TRENCH HELL's The Coffins Slave label, BLACK JESUS' debut Black Jesus Saves demo is being damned to black gold - 12" vinyl, that is! Much like their Australian forebears, BLACK JESUS favor the filthy 'n' headbanging side of heavy metal, but also nod to '80s gods like REPULSION, AUTOPSY & NIHILIST: get in, get out, desecrate! Black Jesus Saves is unholy, grinding Metal of Death from the grave which only the Australian outback can create - welcome your salvation, down on your knees!