Paul's Boutique (LP)

Fan Club - 16 €

It's pertty unusual to find a hip hop record within all these earslaughter items. We're just distributing it because Beastie Boys started their career playing hardcore punk and because it seems hip hop is getting more and more popular within the punx. By the way, even if I'm not keen at all on the genre, this is maybe the greatest Hip Hop album ever made. I think the best way to indicate its greatness and vitality is to reference Miles Davis' admiration of the album. He is quoted as saying it's one of his favorite records of all time; he listened to it constantly and never got tired of it.
This album is a sonic masterpiece and absolutely hilarious, too----quite an achievement. The beats are fresh, complex, and layered in such a way as to create polyrhythms. First rate production and conception sound simultaneously contemporary and timeless. Comes in a deluxe gatefold cover.