Dead Serious Demo 1985 (LP)

File Under Hardcore - 12 €

Another seminal name considered one of the strongest and most influential roots of the Californian HC scene: ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! Before reaching a cult status with an incredible debut full length such as “American Paranoia” they did an equally groundbreaking Demo, “Dead Serious” – consisting of 10 rapid-fire bursts of fast and furious Hardcore. Quoting our friend Eric / “ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT came out of the blue with this one. They sent out the demo tape to a lot of international fanzines and radio stations and got very popular immediately. Everybody was blown away – rarely had there been a genuine blend of the best elements of both Hardcore and Metal, played with such passion. The joy is literally bleeding through within every note, yet all the songs have a fascinating melodramatic atmosphere. By the way, this was recorded at the infamous “Turk Street Studios” where EXODUS also had recorded a demo tape. If said EXODUS demo only had the sound this one has …