Ei! (LP)

Discos Enfermos - 12 €

Finally after their incredible demo tape released in 2012 and 7" and split 7" with Disparo in 2014...5 fucking years after we are proud to announce their first LP and soon to become a masterpiece of the new sound of EI!. 11 tracks where they put on a side their more melodic streetpunk sound of the first recordings and hitting with a better recording and mastering they arrive more deep into the classic oi! british sound a la Cockney Rejects and classic 90s OI! bands from Barcelona but still taking the roots in the PUNK sound of the streets. In my opinion is a perfect record with strong bass lines, good guitar compositions and solos, amazing intense druming and great street lyrics singing on spanish and catalan.
Record comes in 180gr black vinyl with printed cardboard inlay and rough side printed cover. 520 copy pressed.