The Independent Punk Singles Collection (DoLP)

Radiation - 22 €

This collection of A-sides from all 17 Angelic Upstarts singles is your chance to get up close and personal with these Oi! pioneers. Formed in the UK in 1977, they blended music with outspoken lyrics about the plight of the working class & the powers that be (in the vein of Sham 69) and made history with their anti-racist / anti-fascist stance at a time when many skinhead bands were fast becoming right-wing extremists.
Track Listing - Side A: 1. The Murder Of The Liddle Towers 2. Police Oppression 3. Woman In Disguise 4. Lust For Glory 5. 42nd Street 6. Solidarity Side B:1. Five Flew Over The Cukoo's Nest 2. Dollars And Pounds 3. Don't Stop 4. Not Just A Name 5. The Leech Side C: 1. Leave Me Alone (Live) 2. Liddle Towers (Live) 3. White Riot (Live) 4. Machine Gun Kelly 5. Paint It In Red 6. There's A Drink In It Side D:1. Brighton Bomb 2. Thin Red Line 3. Soldier 4. England (Live) 5. We're Gonna Take The World (Live) 6. The Young Ones (Live).