Observe The Darkness (7")

Ruin Nation - 5 €

The follow up to 2018's debut album "First Demons" with two long crushing and roaring old school psychedelic metal-CRUST anthems from outta space. A heavy weight AMEBIX meets HELLHAMMER with KILLING JOKE in company and those comparisons are for real and not just some soulless marketing stunt. AKRASIA rule a crossover reality painted with the colors of decadence, cosmic horror, post-apocalyptic and sci-fi pantheons as well as a strong anti-religious and anti-authoritarian life approach.

This is Space Anarchy Propagation ...

... This Is The Sound Of The World Nearly Ending!

Recorded at Endless Tinnitus Studio, Oslo.
Mastered 2019 by Jack Control at Enormous Door Mastering.