S/T (LP)

Skuld Releases - 12 €

BACK IN STOCK!!! As Kleister wrote: " ...Their "demo" cd hit me by surprise and I really couldn´t refuse to put this out! These folks come from Gothenburg in lovely Sweden and deliver the goods! The demo (minus 1 song though) that you´ll find on this black piece of vinyl hold 4 times thundering death and black metal soaked doom, with hints of crust, as well as atmospheric and epic darkness. The guitars range from devastating heaviness to gloomy acoustic sections, with piercing leads that flash through the darkness every now and then. If you´ve ever wanted to know exactly how your favourite metal, crust, and doom bands would have sounded like if they were one band this is where you should turn. I won´t namedrop anything, just ask you to take me on my word that you really need to check this out if you´ve been even the slightest intrigued with what´s written above. Even though I could drop many influential names, as well as list several of your favourite Swedish crustcore bands in the "members of" department. First 1100 copies comes in a nicely done gatefold...." - i simply cannot say it better! This is by far one of the best and most grabbing releases i heard this year and it will be hard for everyone to top this for me.