Razor Sharp Daggers (DoLP)

Apathic View Productions - 24 €

“Razor Sharp Daggers” is easily one of the greatest grindcore albums of all time. Up there with Napalm’s legendary “From Enslavement to Obliteration”. What makes it so good? Pretty much everything. There’s the speed, the vocals, the all out insanity of good grindcore, anything you could ask for in grindcore is on this album.
Production wise this album delivers. The drums are loud, which is important because blast beats tend to lose some of the power if the drums are too low. The guitars are heavy as hell. The bass is pretty heavily distorted and sounds kinda fuzzy, similar to what Cliff Burton did with his bass. The vocals are all over the place in the best way imaginable. Pitch-shifted sections are there, screaming vomity type vocals are also present, and of course the guttural Gorguts type vocals are the most common. The back and forth between the vocals are perfect.
The music itself is pretty much straight grindcore, lots of blast beats, lots of thrash beats, and very heavy riffs like the one found in “A for Arrogance.” This album is very balanced as far as song lengths go. A lot of songs under a minute long, which are the typical awesome grindcore songs with tons of blast beats. The longer songs, usually between 1 and 2 minutes long are perfect. At song 26, you may notice a production shift. Songs after number 25 are off of splits and EPs.
Pretty much every song on this album is amazing. It’s got everything a grindcore fan could want. If you enjoy “From Enslavement to Obliteration” you will like this. An essential album to own if you like grindcore.