Mince Core History 1989-1993 (CD)

Selfmadegod - 6 €

41 live and studio-songs from 1989-1993 within 74 minutes, the splits with NYCTOPHOBIC, KOMPOST, AUDIORREA, PSYCHO, MAN IS THE BASTARD, VIOLENT HEADACHE, SOCIAL GENOCIDE, "No Use" 7", "Distrust & Abuse" 7", "Agarchy" 7", total rare stuff like MASSAGRAF (one-side project of Ag and Intenstinal Disease members) / TURBO REANIMACJA 7", three unreleased tracks done as ANTI-DEATH (one-side project of Jan and Burt), cover songs of RATTUS and LARM and more.
Simply total raw socio-political mince-core/grindcore.