When Will You Die? Demos '89/90 (LP)

FOAD - 12 €

This LP includes their "Words that echo fear" Demo 1989, Roadrace Demo 1990 and a handful of live tracks from 1988. The record shows the band's natural development from blistering restless Thrashcore to a solid, controlled assault of pure THRASH with a progressive vibe, think of late '80s Voivod, Coroner crossovered with AFTERMATH's peculiar way to Thrash portrayed so greatly on the previous "Killing the future" Demo. Both demos landed them in all of the top metal magazines around the world, including: Kerrang, Metal Hammer, RIP, RAW and Metal Forces. "Words that Echo Fear" demo was picked by music journalist Don Kaye as on of the Ten Best Demos of the Year. In 1990, based on the huge international success of the Words that Echo Fear demo, the metal label RoadRacer Records (a subsidiary of Roadrunner Records) approached the band for a demo deal, which resulted in the four track demo featuring the songs ‘Eyes of Tomorrow’, ‘Afraid Of Time’, ‘The Act Of Unspoken Wisdom’ and 'Reflecting Pictures", appearing on this LP entirely remastered to the best sounding quality you can think of.