Dear Daily Life (LP)

Freedom Fighter - 20 €

Sticking with the Japanese crust metal theme here are the modern torch bearers of the sound cemented by S.D.S., Crow, A.G.E. & Effigy..... ACROSTIX info is scarce but they have been around since 2004 and are still going at the moment.Their first album only came out in 2007 and started out with more heavily Amebix type sound with feet firmly planted on the more punk side of the crust/metal fence but have progressed towards a faster more metallic sound these days because there is quite a difference between their first couple of releases and this album! However this is all natural progression! I hate to keep labouring the same old influences Amebix, Antisect,Sacrilege etc but these are the BIG 3 influences for any band playing mettallic edged crust and are just common reference points but what you get in this record, their second one, is over the top old school UK crust!