Specjalny Rodzaj Kontrastu (LP)

Pasażer Records - 13 €

Their first and "lost" studio album from 1988 year. First time on vinyl. Cold wave/post punk with a little bit Swans influence.
1984 is a legend of Polish new wave / cold wave / punk rock scene. In the 1980s the band used its biting, punk-style irony to depict the totalitarian reality of Polish People’s Republic in its final years, and it was an excellent example of the strength inherent in Polish punk rock / new wave of those times. Besides, if I may put a personal note here – they were one of the most important features in the soundtrack for my punk childhood. Towards the end of the 1980s they seemingly gave up their political image for a more iconoclastic or artistic vision. In a more or less active way, the band has continued for all these years. Throughout the 1980s, despite the numerous recording sessions they managed to release only one 7” and one song on a compilation. It wasn’t until 25 years later that some of the band’s archival sessions saw the light of day, including their demo entitled Why not? (1987), and their iconic album Specjalny rodzaj kontrastu (Special kind of contrast).