LEGION OF THE DEAD is a new born label run by Koppa, Agipunk / singer of Horror Vacui / guitar player and singer for Kontatto, Campus Sterminii and Giuda. Created in order to break the wall between two great kinds of music, goth rock and punk, LEGION OF THE DEAD  wants to strengthen their common feeling focusing on the union between bands that share the same ideals. The listener must open his mind in front of L.O.T.D. records!    
Our goal is to blend two scenes that too often have been walking in the same direction but on two different roads. So prepare your turntables for the upcoming LEGION OF THE DEAD  attacks and let there be vampire punk!!! KOPPA 2012 L.O.T.D.


L.O.T.D. 2102-2 HORROR VACUI "In darkness you will feel alright" LP

Second release for this vampire goth punk combo. Featuring members of Kontatto, Campus Sterminii, Giuda, Headed Nowhere and Sumo, Horror Vacui keep on exploring the dark side of the pentagram. 9 tracks of absolute goth/death rock powered by 101% punk attitude. Fans of Belgrado, Bellicose Minds, Arctic Flowers, Lost Tribes, don't miss the Italian answer to these bands!

L.O.T.D. 2102-1 HORROR VACUI "Can you still see reality?" 7" EP
2 tracks of absolutely dark goth/death rock plaied by 5 vampire punx. Horror Vacui are the European answer to Spectres, Lost Tribes, Funeral Parade and Moral Hex. The lyrics deal with mental health and governments' moral decay. If you're into Bauhaus, Lords Of The New Church, Screaming Dead, Sisters Of Mercy and Fields Of The Nephilim, you can't miss this one! Limited to 300 copies, the first 50 ones come with a badge. In Darkness You Will Feel Alright!!!