S/T (LP)

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Swedish death metal scene has always been related to the punk one, even in the good ol' days, bands like Skitsystem, Meanwhile, Diskonto, No Security, Uncurbed... feature(d) people already experienced in At The Gates, House of Usher, Grotesque, Uncanny, Centinex, Moondark, Embalmed, Sarcasm... Miasmal is a new band but in the same spirit, they share members with Agrimonia and Martyrdod while unleashing a mostly d-beat based death metal attack in the pure old Swedish tradition, and with great results most of all! "Left Hand Path" and "Like An Ever Flowing Stream" times are back! This repress of Miasmal full-lenght, originally released in 2011, is supporting their Euro tour May 2012. Limited to 500 copies, 50 of them on green vinyl.