Nagoya City Hardcore (LP)


This is NAGOYA CITY HARDCORE NOW! At first comes the leader of the Nagoya city HC gang CLOWN showing slightlly new & deep approach but still strong as fuck new tracks! Next comes the mighty "LIBERATION AND FREEDOM" REALITY CRISIS, high tension and powerful dual vocals! Next comes ZILEMMA playing very original japcore with metallish, dramatic as hell guitar and melodies! Next comes the youngest of this comp, "SPIRITS OF D-BEAT RAW PUNK, WE MAKE NEW GENERATION, NOT MUSIC!" D-CLONE's disasterous NOISE HC ATTACK! And at last comes the Nagoya city veterans DEMOLITION's pure & evil metalcore which everyone should hail! Each having their own style but all burning in intense attitude, LOUD AS HELL!!! NAGOYA CITY CORE WARNING! Comes with a large color booklet. Co-release with Prank Records and MCR Company. Limited to 1,000 copies worldwide, limited edition on split green/red vinyl.