After The Dust Settles (Double LP)


Born in Scotland in 1995 from the ashes of Disaffect and Sedition, Scatha established themselves as one of the most important names in the 90's crust scene. Carrying on a deep concept rooted in the celtic culture, their songs still remain a breath of fresh air, complex, slower, sometimes with a metallic pace, leading crust to an original and still unreached by others level. This double Lp features in their entirety "Respect, Protect, Reconnect" '96 Lp, "Fuck the system" '97 Ep, "Birth, life and death" '98 Lp and tracks from the split Ep with Dagda. Comes with thick booklet with lyrics. Already out on Cd on MCR Company/Japan, now you have the chance to get those masterpieces in the original vinyl format.