Speed Punk Metal Crust 4 Way Split E.P. (7"EP)

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CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY (Ita): the heralds of roaming speedpunk returns with a brand new track deep inspired by Tank, Warfare and Motorhead!!! NUCLEAR FROST (Bra): total dis-cimex warshippers, guttu-vox and raw noizes! For lovers of Masskontroll, Crude SS, Doom!!! ARMAGEDOM (Bra): the Brazilian thrashcore veterans still invade the underground with a 2004 track never on vinyl before!!! MINKIONS (Ita): dirty rotten HC thrash the fast way, great attitude and full devotion to C.O.C., Cryptic Slaughter and Accused soundstyle!!! LTD 500 hand-numbered copies, splatter vinyl. Agipunk / Terror From Hell co-prod. 2009