Hate / Love (Double LP)

Sold out

This is the repress of a fantastic compilation released in January 2005 (in 500 copies) and sold out fast as lightning. 45 bands from the 80's golden era of Italian hc. Well known bands, other great acts for the first time officially repressed on vinyl since the 80's and obscure bands that released just some demo tapes: I DENY, CHAIN REACTION, IMPACT, BASTA, INFEZIONE, KINA, THE WOPS, KOBRA, HIGH CIRCLE, EU'S ARSE, THE RUDE, LAGER, REIG, STINKY RATS, UPSET NOISE, ROUGH, DICTATRISTA, RAW POWER, LAST CALL, UART PUNK, DIOXINA, SHOCKIN TV, ATROX, I REFUSE IT, STIGMATHE, RAPPRESAGLIA, UNDERAGE, U.D.S., NEGAZIONE, DIGOS GOAT, NABAT, BLAXFEMA, BED BOYE, INDIGESTI, WARFARE?, CONTRAZIONE, YOUNGBLOOD, UPSIDE, F.C.A., FALL OUT, P.S.A., PEGGIO PUNX, STIGE, FUN, TIRATURA LIMITATA. Included a 48 pages booklet with pictures and history (in Italian) about each band. This repress comes with a gatefold cover, one colored vinyl and an introduction written by Stiv "TVOR" Valli for this occasion. A total must for everyone into the old Italian hc sound!! 200 copies limited edition with both vinyls colored SOLD OUT.