Alienation Breeders (LP)


After some year of silence from the great debut ep, Dissciorda come back with a full album! The recording is a galloping d-beat tupa tupa soundtrack for the lovers the old Italian hc!
"Damn this is really good! Ilike this more every time I listen to it. Unfortunately it's fair to say this records look really bad. With a logo stolen from Discharge and some less-than-exciting picture you'd problably pass this up. But this band is not a Disclone. DISSCIORDA plays some really out-standing punk that is recorded with the perfect amount of clarity while remaining intensely driving and raw. Ilove the vocals - they are not the least bit crusty, but are instead youth-fully shouted in both the english and italian languages with passion and convinction. In fact then vocals remind me of FINAL CONFLICT. The reason Ireview for MRR is for bands like this, I would have not heard this until it was ten years old otherwise. Isuggest that you find it quickly. Another awesome release from Agipunk." (WK)
Maximum Rock n Roll #263