Figli Della Vostra Catastrofe (LP/CD)


After the split eps with Wojczech and Disarm, they are back with fury! D.P.G. come from Roma [italy] assaulting your ears with a lethal mix of ultracrust a-là Disrupt but on 45 RPM! Put double speed to your classic d-beat albums, add 2 classic early days crusty voices guttural and histeric and you have D.P.G. A killer solution for the hopes of humanity! Cd version includes bonus video.
"Dirty Power Game,who hails from italy, hammer and blaze your ears with a super-fast wall of metallic crust. They utilize a two-vocalist attack, one with a deep rumbling growl and the other with a ear-piercing screech. This reminds me of bands like DISRUPT. This Lp is definetly worth checking out!!!" (RC). Maximum Rock n Roll #263