Nel Mio Mondo Il Sole Non Sorge Mai (CD)


Are you ready for the new assault of italian HC? Another band showing the world what we mean by New Wave of Italian Crust!! Heavy and powerful metallicrust filled with melodies and old school Italian anger. Addicted to Sweden!!
"Charging like a bull with his nuts strapped in a knot comes this raging Italian metallic crust band. Not to have their influence confused, DISPREZZO proudly swear their allegiance with the words "Addicted to Sweden" displayed on the back cover; it's not hard to hear why. This is sheer studded-jacket-sporting crust that should make WOLFBRIGADE proud wih more energy and propulsive riffing than most. I of course love the super fucking metal guitars, but punks and metalheads alike should appreciate the breakneck pace, furious vocals and politically-charged Italian lyrics. Fukkin' brootal." (EL) Maximum Rock n Roll #259