Sacrificed On The Altar Of State Power (7"EP)

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D-BEAT crusty wall of noise from U.S.A.! For fans of Disclose, Confuse, Eu's arse, Wretched, Gloom ecc.. A killer debut!
"Now this is a Distort at its finest---primal feedback, amps at no less than ten, and enough energy and catchy songwriting to distinguish one song from the next. AGHAST definitely favor the likes of such bands as DISCLOSE, CONFUSE, GAI and ATROCIOUS MADNESS, and also add some rhythm to their approach. My favourite song is "arrested by the pigs" because of the personal lyrics, "your wholse sense of security gone in an instant". I imagine seeing these guys new record on Whisper in Darkness, or Hardcore Holocaust, they definitely deserve it. More noise less war! (WK)" Maximum Rock n Roll #258