BREAK THE CHAINS is a new born label run by Mila, Agipunk boss / singer of Giuda and Astolfi, singer of Children Of Technology. Created in order to break the wall between two great kinds of music, metal and punk, BREAK THE CHAINS wants to strengthen their common feeling focusing on the union between bands that share the same idea. BREAK THE CHAINS deals with “split” vinyl releases only, gathering different acts from both sides, aiming at a final result which will be more than a simple “release” as long as it will embody the lifestyle of both metal and punk. The listener must open his mind in front of B. T. C. records!
BREAK THE CHAINS will put out nice packaged stuff in limited quantities and with “old skull” looking, in order to please the mania of the aficionados always hungry for records. Our goal is to blend two scenes that too often have been walking in the same direction but on two different roads. So prepare your turntables for the upcoming BREAK THE CHAINS attacks and let there be metal/punk!!! MILA / ASTOLFI 2010 B. T. C.


“BREAK THE CHAINS” marks a new step in the history of metalpunk multiverse, always faithful to the label concept. This 4th volume in the series will surely become a milestone in the genre.
BLÜDWÜLF, the crazy undead creature from Röt-chester, NY, attacks your ears once again hypnotizing your mind with sulphureous potions of darkened thrash in their rough punkish vein!!! Tracks: ROAD OF DEATH // CHAOS 2012
TIGER JUNKIES return!!! Toxic Holocaust’s mastermind JOEL GRIND and YASUYUKI, behind well known beasts like Abigail & Barbatos, join their drunkpunk attitude to make your head bang till hangover!!! Tracks: IT’S TIME TO ROCK’N’ROLL // TURN IT ON!
Distort Shitaly ravagers CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY give proof of their survival after doomsday showing how to rise from the ashes of a dead world. Another lesson of sleazy ‘n’ furious speedcrust!!! Tracks: SUBMIT TO EXTINCTION // POSTNUCLEAR QUARANTINE 2011 A. D.
4th B.T.C. opus is packaged in a 12” picture disc, profaned by the unholy artwork of James Von Sinn, completed with insert and limited to 700 handnumbered copies. The first 100 pretenders will receive a woven patch with the label logo as a homage for their support to the underground scene.

[BTC 03] AGE / GIUDA split picture 7" EP
The European “Battle-Crustour 2010” of AGE and GIUDA gives us a wonderful Picture 7” EP to celebrate this event (and to increase our collection hehe). AGE from Japan strikes their side with two raging hymns of rippin’ crustcore in best Japanese tradition. Recorded in May of this current year “Invisible Future” & “Next Destroyer” will capture the soul of every listener for their own catchy hc power and metallic spirit!!! GIUDA hails from Italy, and after 3 albums is time for a split release. They left for a while their dark / crusty sound to offer here a fist-in-your-face metalpunk track with “fuck you” lyrics and motor-charm to bang the head of punks and metals too!!! The Picture EP comes with insert and is strictly limited to 500 units only.
[BTC 02] WARHAMMER / COFFINS split 10"
It's time to merge two great realities of the music darker and sincere in circulation of 'today' s underground, so we present a 10” split EP between WARHAMMER and COFFINS. Teutonic WARHAMMER plays in maniacal way the ultra-cult Hellhammer / Celtic Frost style since ages, as no-one could do better. Growing up from both metal & punk roots, the Warhammer deathdoom brigade “evolved” their style in a darker and more obsessed version of the swiss gods, offering here a over 7 minutes song that will not betray their tradition in playing obscure music! In the other side Japanese COFFINS are back in vinyl with their amazing stenchous ‘n’ doomish death by metal that distinguished them from a myriad of many other groups of similar genre nowadays. This release is limited to 666 copies as well, 150 on coloured/different cover for maniacs.


One sided 12” MLP, other side etched. Limited to 400 units only, first 100 handnumbered on glamour pink vinyl. All copies with insert. This cool release really breaks the chains of standard underground!!!Three bands from three different country but sharing the same attitude and passion for the music they live: VOETSEK (Usa) : The San Francisco thrashers strikes again with new hits of raging ‘n’ angry HC their only cool way!!! Open a beer and let it be fast!!! BARBATOS (Jpn): The solo creature of unholy master Yasuyuki Suzuki returns killing you one more time!!! Extreme metal/punk tunes addicted to Bulldozer and Bathory!!! MINKIONS (Ita): These crazy drunk dudes come from North East Italy offering nothing but pure explosion of true crossover/thrash the 80ies vein of Suicidal Tendencies, The Accused or Wehrmacht!!! limited version 12 eur

IMPORTANT FOR BANDS: do not get in touch with some “do you want to release my stuff?” ‘cause we will choose and contact directly the bands we want to be part of the project.